10th packaging congress OBALKO, October 13–14, 2022


The joint morning program on the topic FuturePack: Focusing on the future of packaging

Technology is advancing at lightning speed, and the packaging industry is striving to keep pace. However, there is still a long way to go. Packaging needs to become easier to sort and recycle, more effective at selling the products it contains, better as a conduit of information for consumers and simpler to design, order and produce. With the speed that the world is moving, the future of packaging is right around the corner. Augmented reality, digital marks, eco-design, online ordering, climate neutrality… In short, tomorrow’s packaging is almost with us today. Join us at the jubilee 10th edition of the OBALKO congress, the largest gathering of packaging professionals in Central Europe, so that we can together focus in on the future of packaging.

Three topical sections: Immerse yourself in the depth of packaging!

The afternoon features three specialized workshops on current topics that move the packaging world. The workshops are divided into sections dedicated to design and innovation, technology and materials and sustainability. In each section, there will be professional presentations or panel discussions led by experienced and professional moderators.

Thursday, October 13 from 14 to 15:40 – Design & Innovation section

The Design & Innovation section will present the latest examples and case studies of packaging innovation, focusing on how brands communicate their innovation to consumers and how best to apply consumer insights for a holistic approach to packaging design.

Thursday, October 13 from 14 to 15:40 – Technology & Materials section

The search for new packaging materials is now in the center of attention of many manufacturers. The section will focus on these material innovations from different points of view. The second key line of the workshop will be technologies, their implementation, economic demands and returns.

Thursday, October 13 from 16:00 to 18:15 – Sustainability section

In the area of ​​sustainability, Czechia and companies themselves have committed themselves to strict goals. The section will discuss the future of sorting and recycling, the advantages and disadvantages of deposit systems, eco-design of products and eco-modulation of the authorized packaging company and the importance of a sustainable approach not only in the context of the whole society, but also the economy of companies.

Rich accompanying program: Contacts, awards, entertainment, networking and inspiration

Thursday, October 13 during lunch break – BizPACK: New contacts in 10 minutes

The goal of the BizPACK program is to mediate meetings between the partners and participants of the OBALKO congress. Listen briefly and without obligation to the offer of leading companies in the packaging industry. One meeting will last 10 minutes, and if you are interested in the offer, you can arrange a follow-up meeting.

Thursday, October 13 after the conference – Obal roku ceremony: Awards for the best packaging

A unique opportunity to see the best packaging at the best packaging congress. A unique chance to meet all packaging experts in one place at one time. The ceremony will take place after the end of the professional part of the congress program. Thanks to the connection between the OBALKO congress and the Obal roku (Packaging of the Year) ceremony, there will be more participants than ever before. The event has a truly international reach thanks to the connection with the WorldStar Packaging Awards.

Thursday October 13 in the evening – Packaging Business Mixer: The chance to network

After a demanding conference day, the Packaging Business Mixer, with its rich program, will provide the perfect setting for networking. Over a drink and a plate of tasty food, you can continue the discussions started during the conference day or start a whole new discussion.

Friday, October 14 – Packaging in action: A behind-the-scenes look at production

We encounter packaging at every turn, but how well do we really understand it? OBALKO offers a unique opportunity to visit the production plants of selected congress partners with expert interpretation. You will not only get a chance to see the whole production process and better understand the benefits of such products, but you will also get a second chance to discuss issues related to the packaging industry.

Thanks to the following companies who support the 10th OBALKO congress
Aquapalace Hotel Prague, Pražská 138, 251 01 Praha