11th packaging congress OBALKO, October 19–20, 2023

Visit to the Svijany brewery

14. 10. 2022
10:00 – 12:00
Svijany 25, 463 46 Svijany

Visit to the Svijany brewery

Pivovar Svijany is a medium-sized brewery that relies on supplying unpasteurized beer to the market. In Svijany, they bottle alcoholic and non-alcoholic beers in a diverse range of packaging intended for retail and the HoReCa segment. In 2018, the company commissioned a new automatic line for filling cans. In recent years, the company innovated its packaging of multipacks, as was described in the presentation at last year’s OBALKO congress. The excursion at the Svijany brewery will be led by Michaela Laube, a longtime employee of the brewery, who will guide you through the entire operation of the brewery, including a tasting from a traditional copper tankard. Bottling-plant master František Kněbort will guide you through the technical part of the tour: the bottling and packaging areas.

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Na návštěvě ve společnosti Pivovar Svijany