12th packaging congress OBALKO, October 17–18, 2024

Visit to the production and packaging line of Vitana in Byšice

20. 10. 2023
10:00 – 12:00
Mělnická 133, 277 32 Byšice

Visit to the production and packaging line of Vitana in Byšice

Attendees of the OBALKO congress will have the rare opportunity to visit one of the Czech Republic’s oldest and largest production facilities for food products: the Vitana factory in Byšice. Production of soup spices began in Byšice nearly 100 years ago, and since 1950 the products coming from Byšice have carried the Vitana logo. Visitors will have the opportunity to see the production and packaging facilities on the “Jíška” line, an automated packaging line that ends with automated palletization. We will also visit the warehouse for ingredients and packaging, and we will see the bottling facility, which includes four bottling lines for packaging products in both glass and plastics bottles.

The tour will be led by Ludvík Gardoň, the manager of the Byšice production facility for the company Orkla Foods Česko a Slovensko.

Details of the excursion:

  • maximum capacity of 30 people (two groups of 15)
  • the start time for both groups is 10:00, please arrive by 9:45 at the latest
  • the length of the excursion is one hour, with one hour set aside for refreshments and discussion
  • the address is Mělnická 133, 277 32 Byšice
  • map:
  • a certificate of infection-free status will be required from the participants at the start of the visit
  • jewelry, watches, etc. should not be brought into the plant, if possible, due to limited storage capacities
  • photography and use of mobile phones in production is strictly prohibited
  • participants will be equipped with disposable clothing – long pants are required when entering the production premises
  • safety shoes will be lent to participants – shoe sizes must be defined in advance
  • the number of parking spots is limited and must be arranged in advance
  • participation in the excursion is subject to the prior consent of the company Orkla Foods Česko a Slovensko