12th packaging congress OBALKO, October 17–18, 2024

Tour of the CIUR recycling and production plant in Brandýs nad Labem

20. 10. 2023
10:00 – 12:00
Pražská 1012, 250 01, Brandýs nad Labem

Tour of the CIUR recycling and production plant in Brandýs nad Labem

The CIUR production plant in Brandýs nad Labem is an ecological, modern facility for the recovery of waste from recycled paper and paper by-products. Since its foundation in 1991, the Czech family-owned company CIUR a.s. has been one of the world leaders in the production of recycled paper-based cellulose fibers. Eighty percent of its production is exported worldwide. The production plant in Brandýs nad Labem processes more than 30,000 tons of secondary raw materials annually and produces more than 60 types of products from the recycled mix.

The company strives to behave ecologically and economically in all respects. It processes secondary raw materials by machine and sorts them according to its needs. In this way, it gives back to nature what people have borrowed from it without a single tree falling. The world’s biggest planes land on their materials, the fastest cars race and brake safely. Other products live in the inferno of blast furnaces, withstand the water pressure of giant dams, protect against arctic frosts, face tropical heat, dampen noise, or are the setting for epic sagas (The Chronicles of Narnia, Star Wars, or more than one Bond film).

The excursion will be led by three key members of CIUR management: Mojmír Urbánek (director of production and research), Ing. Jan Kühnel (manager of quality and technology) and Václav Bassetto (manager of ecology and raw materials purchasing).

Excursion details:

  • address: Pražská 1012, 250 01 Brandýs nad Labem
  • map:
  • excursion time: from 10 to 12
  • maximum number of participants: 30
  • OSH training on site
  • Safety helmets are not required, vests will be provided on site, walking shoes without heels are required (granite cobblestone roads and slippery floors may be present in traffic)