10th packaging congress OBALKO, October 13–14, 2022

Packaging Business Mixer

14. 10. 2021
20:00 – 23:00
Restaurant Astra

Packaging Business Mixer

At this year’s Packaging Business Mixer, you can look forward to 3D-style fun!

After the all-day conference, the traditional Packaging Business Mixer is ready for participants. The mixer is a VIP meeting of packaging experts in a pleasant, informal, evening atmosphere with a special program. Its main goal is networking between the packaging professionals who regularly attend this important social event and users of packaging solutions. You can continue your discussions over a glass of wine or start new ones. And definitely don’t throw away your 3D glasses, as they will come in handy at the Packaging Business Mixer.

This year, the Packaging Business Mixer will take place in the restaurant right next to the congress hall. It will start right after the Obal roku awards ceremony at 20:00.

3D, as in three great singers!

The whole evening will be accompanied by the band Prague Rockabilly Cats with its three amazing singers. They will play music in the rediscovered rockabilly style. Thanks to rock elements and perfect triple voices, this rock-and-roll sounds absolutely in tune.

3D, as in a trip to virtual reality!

The unique equipment of the Brno-based company RentFun will take us into the world of virtual reality. You can look forward to a top racing simulator with an overload of up to 2G. You can get in a historic car from 1937, or race on the track in Italy in 1966. Or take part in a race through Prague and ride on the Charles Bridge, for example.

If you don’t want to sit in a car, you can put on your glasses and climb Mount Everest, dive into the wreck of the Titanic, explore the wreckage of Chernobyl, or even go deep into the human cell. Where you go depends only on you! But be sure not to miss this!


3D, as in 3D creativity!

Can you draw in 3D? We probably all know 3D printers, but have you ever tried working with a 3D pen? You will be able to create 3D objects at the Packaging Business Mixer using such pens. We have prepared a wide range of colored filaments for you, so your creativity has absolutely no limits. And if you accidentally forget your inner art muse at home, there will be a wide selection templates from which you can draw.