11th packaging congress OBALKO, October 19–20, 2023

Greenwashing forbidden – Four sustainable packaging solutions

Greenwashing forbidden – Four sustainable packaging solutions

The market is flooded with packaging solutions that claim to be ecological, but are they really the best in terms of sustainability? What recent projects have actually helped to reduce the impact of packaging on the environment? As part of the Sustainability section of the 10th OBALKO congress, we are pleased to present four truly sustainable packaging solutions. Furthermore, we have enlisted the help of Professor Vladimír Kočí, the head of the Institute of Sustainability and Product Ecology of the University of Chemistry and Technology in Prague and one of the leading experts in LCA studies, which try to reveal/calculate the actual environmental impacts of a given solution. Professor Kočí will not only approve the projects before they are added to the conference program, but he himself will moderate the section and provide his insight on the projects by means of a discussion with the presenters.

1. Lenka Nejedlová from Unilever will present a system of reusable bottles with a pump made of 100% PCR together with a refill bag for the Dove brand, which has saved 5.2 tons of packaging material over the last year.

2. Martin Krystián (Olma) and Ivo Benda (Greiner Packaging) will present a new cup for the Olma Pierot product made by molding with significant savings in PP and a reduction in the carbon footprint.

3. Jiří Klíma from Avery Dennison and Ewa Mlynarczyk from Gold Drop will present the new AD Circular service, which deals with the collection and subsequent use of carrier pads from self-adhesive labels.

4. Michaela Bernatová (Nestlé Česko), Martin Němec and Jan Karlík (both DS Smith Packaging) will talk about the benefits of circular display design not only for the environment, but also for business.