12th packaging congress OBALKO, October 17–18, 2024

Excursion to the central warehouse of DATART in Jirny

20. 10. 2023
9:00 – 11:00

Excursion to the central warehouse of DATART in Jirny

The presentation and reference visit will focus on packaging technology in the omnichannel solution of DATART’s central warehouse. The technology of filling-free packaging of B2C shipments and parcels on the Opera automatic packaging machine, the placement of its automatic, two single-pack and multi-pack in-feed conveyor inputs in the layout of the logistics center and their connection to conveyor technologies within the entire intralogistics of the DATART warehouse will be presented. Visitors can also look forward to a presentation of the elastic-wrapping technology of Stretch Hood pallets after palletizing stock, not to mention personal pick-ups distributed to the network of DATART’s own stores and wholesale partners.

The excursion will be led by Michal Prádl, head of the DATART central warehouse in Jirny.

Details of the excursion: