10th packaging congress OBALKO, October 13–14, 2022

Case study: A first true test of paper bottles

14. 10. 2021
16:40 – 17:00
Conference hall Barbados

Case study: A first true test of paper bottles

In the past years, prototypes of paper bottles have started to appear on the market. One of the first true tests of this new packaging solution took place in the summer of 2021, when the online retailer (part of the Rohlik Group) offered 2,000 bottles of the plant-based beverage AdeZ from the Coca-Cola Company to its customers. The goal of the test was to measure how the packaging performed as well as how people responded to the new format. In an exclusive cast study at the OBALKO congress, Szilárd Vargyas, the trade marketing manager of and the person in charge of the AdeZ project, will present the results of the test of this pioneering packaging technology.

You can read more about the project (in Czech) here:

Coca-Cola otestuje na evropském trhu první prototyp papírové láhve