October 24–25, 2019 | Aquapalace Hotel Prague


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24. 10. 2019

Inspirational leadership and innovation as the foundation of success in the digital world

The ongoing and unprecedented digital transformation of the global economy fundamentally affects every industry and market segment, all business models, every country and every business. On the one hand, it represents a huge opportunity and, on the other hand, a huge challenge. New technologies and disruptive innovations accelerate the pace of change in the world around us our economic and social environment. There is growing pressure to increase productivity and find new ways to maintain and develop competitiveness and sustainability. There are growing human resource challenges, the ability to attract, to use creatively, to retain and develop human potential. Massive Automation and Robotics, Engaging Artificial Intelligence (AI) brings new demands on the continuous development of knowledge, skills and capabilities that are key to success in the new digital world. How to understand these changes and how to succeed in the digital world?


Jan Zadák

Packaging in the context of 21st century sustainability

How to meet the new goals and requirements set by the Packaging and Waste Directive (CEP) and the Disposable Plastic Restriction Directive (SUP)? What does it mean in practice? How will packaged goods manufacturers and traders react? How will the entire supply chain change?



Martin Hejl, THIMM pack’n’display

Recent developments in active and intelligent packaging

We will look at the market where it has moved in active and intelligent packaging and what are the other options.


Eef de Ferrante, Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association